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Are you planning to start the treatment and want to learn how to effectively enlarge your penis? You do not know what means to reach for the desired effect? In our ranking, we present products that are fast acting, do not cause side effects and allow to maintain a lasting result. Their use is the right method for enlarging the penis for everyone – these are recommended and popular medications for enlarging a member.

XtraSize allows you to lengthen the member by up to 30%, additionally improves sexual performance, but also increases the desire for intercourse. All thanks to the unique formula developed by experts.

The original product available on the manufacturer’s website allows you to achieve such good results thanks to carefully selected ingredients. How to naturally enlarge a member using XtraSize? Dietary supplement primarily has the task to increase the inflow of blood to the penis. In the long-term use of the preparation, it causes permanent expansion of the blood vessels, and thus increase the size of the penis, as well as its extension.

The greatest advantage of the product is therefore the durability of the effects obtained thanks to it, but it is also worth emphasizing that thanks to it you can also get a more durable and stronger erection, so it allows you to derive even greater satisfaction from intercourse. The preparation is natural and fully safe, after a month of its use you can get an additional 3 cm elongation of the penis, and after half a year of use even 7.5 cm. The product is a great example of how to quickly enlarge a penis without using invasive methods and complicated procedures.

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Natural XL strengthens the potency and allows you to increase the size of the member by using fully natural ingredients. The effect – thickening and lengthening of the penis, stronger erection and stronger sensations, which is a really effective drug for enlarging the member, but also the possibility of increasing your own libido.

The preparation allows you to work on the free flow of blood within the corpus cavernosum. In addition, it improves the release of nitric oxide. A better blood supply to the penis allows it to be enlarged and lengthened in a natural way. Importantly, the effects of Natural XL are constant with its regular use, no side effects were noted, and its speed is about 3-4 months.

The secret of the preparation lies naturally in its composition. We can find, among others, l-arginine, macera, zinc, licorice, l-lysine and muira puama. The secret of effective action and how to lengthen a member through naturally selected and combined ingredients lies in the work of dieticians, chemists and doctors who are behind the development of the formula of the drug. The use of the preparation is also supported by numerous positive opinions of people who have undergone treatment. More information on the composition and effects of using Natural XL can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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Penis enlargement products

Many men would like their penis to look different – it was longer, thicker, and provided more sexual experiences. Some have complexes that are in no way justified, others by comparison come to the conclusion that it is time to take matters into their own hands. Satisfaction with this attribute of the male body adds self-confidence, improves mood and gives a much greater satisfaction with intercourse. So if we have complexes associated with it – it’s time to act.
Measure before you start looking through ways to increase your penis

In order to actually check whether a member is of standard size or if it is too small – it is best to simply measure it. Recent research results show that the average length of the penis during erection ranges from 13 to 16 cm. Of course, the measurement is performed only in the case of a member in the sediment, because the results in the state of rest are not reliable – in different men in a different way increases the size of the erection. Measurement may also be pointless in another situation – when we are not over 20 years of age. Up to this point, the penis is still in the growth phase and its smaller size may change over time – you just need to be patient.
When too small a member is a matter of aesthetics, and when penis enlargement is justified?

Penis enlargement supplements

Very often it is a matter of accepting your own appearance, as well as the question of aesthetics. However, in urology, treatments performed within this organ must be justified in terms of health, for example when significant congenital defects are found that have a direct impact on the size of the penis or in the case of mechanical injuries or burns. The fact that the size of our penis is not satisfying for us does not mean that we are sick or that the organ does not perform its function. However, because psychological well-being, acceptance and high self-esteem are also of great importance – there are a number of ways and techniques that answer the question of how to extend the penis. It’s worth to learn something more about them.

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Many men who want to work on the appearance of their penis begin by checking how to lengthen the penis naturally, without using surgical or mechanical techniques, the invasiveness of which is much greater. In the case of natural preparations, we do not really risk anything – the only thing we have to do is buy the product and then regularly take it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Penis enlargement pills are usually dietary supplements, so they are a mixture of natural substances that will not harm your health or will cause any side effects.

In the case of taking medication in the first place, you need to become familiar with the way the preparation works. The faster we get information on how to lengthen the penis with the help of a given product, the sooner we can start the treatment. Producers declare that the first effects of the treatment are visible after about a month. Sustaining the obtained effect can be achieved by regularly taking supplements all the time. Typically, such preparations allow the penis to extend from 2 -3 cm to about 6 – 7 cm.

However, lengthening a member is not everything. Many men would not only like to increase its size, but they are also interested in how to increase the circumference of the penis, and more specifically how to increase the volume of the penis. These preparations, which work on the principle of stimulating the blood supply of the member, and ensure better blood flow in this organ not only allow you to fight for additional centimeters, but also help increase its thickness.

Knowing how to increase the thickness of the penis should also be taken into account the fact that many of these natural preparations can also take care of increasing our libido, a better experience during intercourse, and thus increase the satisfaction of intercourse. In summary, the benefits of using them can be huge with ordinary, non-invasive supplementation with tablets of the daily diet. Safely and without risk – choosing such a natural preparation in a few moments you can learn how to lengthen the penis in a relatively short time. The most popular natural preparations have positive opinions of experts and consumers who have decided to take up the challenge and start the treatment.

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An alternative method is treatment through a specially selected set of exercises and the use of a special pump. In the network we find a lot of tips on how to do a penis pump and what effects can be obtained using this method.

The main goal of the exercises is proper stimulation of the member that will stimulate him and, as a result, will allow him to increase it. However, it is not just about adding a few centimeters, exercise is also a way to increase the size of the penis, and thus affect its thickness, and also strengthen the control over ejaculation. An example of such an exercise is even slipping the ring. In order to be able to observe the effects of the exercises performed, they should last a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

When looking for information on how to make a penis pump, you can also easily find special devices that are designed to stretch and train the organ. The principle of operation of such a pump is quite simple – we strive to stimulate the growth of tissues through appropriate load. The devices are easy to use, and the effects do not have to wait too long – the effect of swelling is maintained by stopping the outflow of blood from the penis. Their use is painless and does not threaten health.

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Vacuum pump will work as a device for enlargement or thickening of the penis, but it will be effective to obtain an erection necessary for intercourse. These devices are very popular mainly due to their effectiveness. In the stores you will find both glass, plastic and metal pumps.

How to increase penis size using a scalpel?

Falloplasty is a surgical way of how to lengthen the penis almost instantaneously. However, it is an invasive technique that involves risk, pain and high costs. The effects are rather visible in the case of increasing the thickness of a member than its length. The procedure consists of extending the urethra of the urethra to the outside. However, the treatment is not recommended because it can lead to many complications and may also reduce the sensation in the penis.

An alternative to falloplasty is plasty with fat. This technique is less invasive than falloplasty, but it is already treated as a medical procedure. It involves adding additional body fat in appropriate places. The biggest downside of the procedure is the fact that the effects we can get from it last only 3 years after the procedure. In addition to adipose tissue, hyaluronic acid is also used. The result of the treatments may be the extension of the member by about 5 cm. You can also count on increasing its thickness to 30% more than the initial thickness. However, the cost of the procedure is very high and starts from several thousand zlotys.

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Choosing the best method may not be easy, but it should be thought over

If we decide to do any treatment that aims to increase the length or thickness of the member – we should consider well what method to choose. If in our opinion the problem is not so big – it is better to give up the idea of ​​using invasive, operational techniques of how to extend the penis. They are associated with considerable risk, they are expensive, and the result is not always visible as much as we would like. Always remember that such surgery is an operation, which can cause complications, as well as a longer recovery time and longer time to be able to return to full sexual performance.

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Therefore, a much better solution to how to increase your penis is to test non-invasive methods. In their case, we only risk money. Such measures are becoming more and more popular and more and more common, so choosing a preparation from a given manufacturer can always be supported by the opinions of people who have already used it. Of course, you should also take into account the fact that each of us is different and the effects may also not be exactly the same.

The use of dietary supplements improves the efficiency of our body, and due to the fact that they are properly selected ingredients in the right doses – we can count on the right result. The more so because the first effects of their application are visible in a short time. Their great advantage is that the treatment can be interrupted at any time. We can therefore gain a lot in this way.
Size, but also quality is of great importance

Another important issue is not only size and thickness, but also satisfaction with sexual life. The female vagina has a length of about 7 cm, so in theory even a member of a size slightly smaller than the standard should be the most appropriate. More important here is how we feel in our own skin, and if not the best and we would like to change something – it’s best to get down to action right away.

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An additional advantage of taking dietary supplements is also that they affect not only the size or thickness of the penis, but also are able to significantly improve the quality of intercourse. The experiences may be greater, the formulas also allow you to work on self-control and erection, and also increase libido. By using these preparations, we can change a lot in our sexual life.